Introduction of slotted type operators

Scotch Yoke Actuator

Scotch Yoke actuators are a premium, complete type that is compatible with ball valves, and in new generation valves it is rare to find an automatic actuator other than this type that is mounted on ball valves. The first examples of yoke structures were used in passenger trains in the 19th century, which played the role of their driving force in converting linear to rotational force and transmitting power to the pistons and wheels of industrial machines. This structure was so successful that they are still in use on these trains without any changes. The yoke type operator was gradually used in other fields and applications in accordance with its capabilities, including in the operators of milk operators! The most important feature of the yoke type that has caused their use in actuators is the production of torque in proportion to the movement course, so that the amount of torque produced at the beginning and end points of movement is lower than other types of actuators, which makes it almost unrivaled in this field.